Posted by: peregrinatioprodeiamore | February 13, 2013

Wait, There’s More…

I went to Ireland with a woman who’d never been there before… I was delighted to take her to some of my favourite spots and she was (as some might say) totally ‘gob-smacked’.  We moved from one of part of the west coast to another, and every time we left one of these beautiful spots, I’d tell her – “Wait, there’s more!”

Towards the end of several days of it, she broke down in (happy) tears, confessing she’d never experienced anything so beautiful before…   I was then reminded of a poetic word given to me some years ago, after I thought I’d glimpsed a bit of heaven!   On that day, an angel whispered in my ear – “Wait… there’s more…

DooLough (Favourite Fishing Spot)

Have a great day!



  1. Thank you Rob that is so beautiful. I love your blog. Yes I truly believe the angel who told you ‘there is more’ and the ‘more’ will be the new Heavens and Earths that await us in the New Jerusalem.

    Scot in Canada

    • Aye Maria! Let there be … more! 😉

  2. Rob,

    “Wait, there’s more!” has a different meaning for me. It takes me to a place where a person is feeling hopeless about life and seriously considering checking out because the message they’ve given themselves up to that point is “Is this all there is?”

    “Wait, there’s more!” might be that one magical hook they can cling to so they don’t slip into the “Black Pit” and stay there…

    “Wait, there’s more!” is the anticipation of a tomorrow and the possibility of something better waiting just around the corner… something worth sticking around to experience.

    “Wait, there’s more!” means the anticipation of something better yet to come.

    So, maybe it’s another way of expressing HOPE! I like it….

    Port St. Lucie, Florida, USA

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